Womens Shoes ZiZi Bu - Plovdiv

   Bulkin Co. was founded in 1990 in Plovdiv. Since 2003 production has its own brand of shoes ZiZi Bu. Their design models made of high quality local and imported natural materials. Manufactures womens casual and formal shoes for each season, and models are always consistent with the clothing line.

   Bulkin Plovdiv is a manufacturer of ladies shoes, low boots, boots, summer high shoes, slippers and sandals, targeted primarily at young people and teenagers. Occupies a special place collection of brides shoes and shoes for graduated high schools.

   In recent years, the company is making continuous growth in production. Increases regular customers, which in itself is telling evidence of high quality shoes, good and stable cooperation relations. The company trades with Bulgarian and companies from the European Union, Macedonia, Russia and others. Produces shoes on individual projects to clients.

   Footwear ZiZi Bu meet the growing requirements of the customer, because they are elegant and modern design, have comfort, functionality and high quality.

   Investments in Bulkin Co. are aimed at constantly upgrading of facilities, following the development of technology in the footwear industry and to continuously improve working conditions. Thanks to this, the availability of good professionals, experience gained over the years, the flexible organization of work, competitive prices, high quality shoes ZiZi Bu, and loyalty to customers, production company Bulkin has become a symbol of quality and stability.

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